It would be cool to take a time machine back to the turn of the 20th century, before mass manufacturing came to define our culture, and see what people back then would say about our modern obsession with savoring quotidian acts, like shaving and beard grooming.

Back then, custom tailoring, handmade furniture, “vintage” products and haute cuisine defined the normal flow of events.

Would these people laugh at us? Would they nod their heads in agreement, like “yeah, you guys are doing it right”?

Who knows. The point is: we believe that shaving can be a joyful, vibrant, intimate and meditative part of the day. Most of us spend far too much time on our phones and distracted by millions of thoughts. We are out of touch with our physical bodies a lot of the time.


A counter-reaction to this ADHD mentality is already and thankfully underway. New research on mindfulness, for instance, suggests that paying attention to present moments can reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness and gratitude and make you a more sensitive guitar player (okay we made that last bit up).

Your daily shave or beard grooming session can also be a time when you get in touch with your maleness. Shaving is the opposite of checking your phone or zoning out on Facebook. To do it right, shaving requires your full presence and attention.

Reacquaint yourself with why shaving matters.

The experience can be transformative. It is why we do what we do, actually. Sure, we make and sell great shave products. But who cares? Why?

The answer is that by helping create these liberating, empowering, mindful small moments for men everywhere, we are bringing joy and peace and grace to the world.

There are also pragmatic reasons to join the “shave slow” movement. Here are just a few that we believe are critical:

  • Avoid razor burn and cuts;
  • Enjoy a closer, smoother shave than you would get rushing mechanically through the process;
  • The end result feels better for you and will appeal more to your lover;
  • The process, done right, moisturizes you instead of dries you out;
  • Shaving well exfoliates;
  • Last but not least… it feels good! You have already (we assume) experienced the joy and pleasure of a barber’s hot towel and shave. Why not replicate that soothing experience as close as possible at home?

Shave on, friend. Namaste.



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