The ubiquitous love for all things “farm to table” and “local and sustainable” may sometimes seem over the top. But our collective passion for growing things like organic rooftop kale is obviously a positive development for society. We did not evolve to consume products mass produced in a factory.

And in certain situations, the “small batch difference” can be huge and crucial. When it comes to shaving and grooming products, for instance, we passionately believe that the small batch approach leads to beautiful, healthy and luxurious creations.

We at Ship to Shore produce hand-batched grooming products and provide personal attention to each order. We want our customers to be able to access high quality products, revel in the process of shaving (and beard care) and avoid the irritation, soreness and subpar aesthetics caused by synthetic, highly processed cosmetic products.

But does our approach really matter? Why not just bombard your face with a cloud of $2 a gallon Barbasol and call it a day? For some men, price may be the overriding factor, and this approach may work.

For other men, however, shaving offers an opportunity to cultivate a temporary oasis, and they want to savor the experience and slow it down and really enjoy it.

The distinction, to us, is really one of taste. We believe it is important to savor the minute, seemingly mundane details, because that is really all that life is constructed of.

small batch


As writer-philosopher Jean-Paul Sarte once wrote: “She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: “It shines like a little diamond.” “What does?” “This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.”

Just like you could stuff down your meals as fast and cheaply as possible; so can you do the same with grooming.

Why the Small Batch Difference Matters to Us

Small batches allow us to offer exceptional skin, beard and hair care products without parabens, fillers or harsh chemicals. Each batch is hand stirred and custom packaged, protecting the natural ingredients, colors and scents.

Our position is: why not enjoy the process?

Our small batch products are not for everyone. They are for men who understand that life is just a series of moments strung together and that the more you savor each one, the richer your experience on this crazy blue marble will be.

Our products are about customized, personal connections. We are reactionary and focused on finding the essence of what our grandfathers knew to be true.

That said, the decision to choose “hand crafted” products is actually a far deeper and more diverse one. Consider the following ideas:

Chemicals and mass manufacturing. The backlash against the use of polysyllabic, unfamiliar and often untested chemicals in everything from our children’s toys to our food to our cosmetics has touched off a backlash against consumers.

Is this “fear of chemicals” and preservatives always justified? No. Some chemicals make our lives better and our bodies healthier and safer. At the same time, when it comes to substances you ingest (through your food or through your skin), all things being equal, you ideally want minimally processed, minimally manufactured products.

Fair trade ethics and treatment of employees. Some of our competitors (whom we will not name here) use questionable trading and training practices. We pride ourselves on fair trade and kind treatment of everyone who works with us and for us.

Commitment to independent business. Just like not all chemicals are “bad,” not all businesses are “bad.” However, the over-corporatization and commercialization of so many aspects of our lives can be a problem.

Men who support independent businesses that are obsessed with small batch quality can help transform the cosmetics industry as a whole.

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