skin discoloration

Skin discoloration or spots may make each leopard unique, but, if you struggle with sun spots or hyperpigmentation, you may not find them so charming. If you’re struggling with uneven patches or other skin discolorations that won’t go away, check out this advice from experts that may help you minimize or even banish those spots for good.

Find Your Cause, By Age

The reason for your skin discoloration will vary by age. For mature skin, sun damage is often the root of your woes, while younger people struggle with the side effects of hormonal fluctuations (think acne and pregnancy). Those with sensitive skin may experience more discoloration than others do.

Once you have your cause, you can begin your plan of attack. Botanicals such as kojic acid, bearberry, and vitamin C can all fight discoloration. In this case, more is better: “Combining a few actives creates a better effect, inhibiting the pigment-making process at many levels,” says Dr. Daniel Yarosh of Estee Lauder.

Use Sunscreen

We can’t overstate the benefits of sunscreen: It not only protects you from skin cancer but also keeps those pesky sunspots at bay. If you do notice a few freckles after months of summer sun exposure, get them checked out by a doctor and make sure they don’t pose a health risk before beginning treatment. “You don’t want to use a laser on a melanoma,” warns Dr. Jill Waibel.

Once you get the green light from a dermatologist, Waibel suggests applying a serum containing topical Retin-A, which gently exfoliates and prevents future spots. Peels containing glycolic acid also work to specifically injure skin and spur a healing process that banishes discoloration.

You don’t have to live with troubling spots on your skin. Choose from Ship to Shore’s line of targeted discoloration treatments, and say hello to glowing, even skin.