Shave routine

Listen up, gents: You’re doing your shave routine all wrong. You think you have the perfect shave down to a science: lather, shave, moisturize, repeat. But if you want a GQ-worthy look, you’re missing a crucial step:

The Pre-shave. pre shave oil for shave routine

Before you slather on that rich shaving cream, take the time to prepare and condition your beard to improve your shave routine. The pre-shave means the difference between a face like James Bond and a 15-year-old with his first razor encounter.

What Is Pre-shave Cream? 

Beards, although indisputably manly, can become bristly and coarse. The key to a close and impeccable shave is to moisturize your whiskers before applying shaving cream. Pre-shave creams are generally made with essential oils that condition and soften bristles before the application of shaving cream. Artisan blends of nutrients such as almond oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E treat your beard and your skin to help reduce razor burn and irritation. It also provides a rich, lather-worthy base for your shaving cream.

Then Why Do We Use Shaving Cream? shave cream for shave routine

Perhaps you’re thinking pre-shave cream and shaving cream is overkill in your shave routine. But to achieve that perfect close shave, you need both. Shaving cream creates a luxe lather that smooths hairs to give your razor an effortless glide. Natural soothing agents such as aloe, sandalwood, and calendula prevent irritation, and oat beta-glucan and gotu kola complexes leave your skin baby smooth.

Use pre-shave cream and shaving cream together, and you can turn even the most hipster of beards into a clean-shaven look worthy of a Calvin Klein ad (you’ll have to take care of the man-bun on your own). Don’t forget the aftershave toner to calm irritation and avoid breakouts while improving skin elasticity.

The key to a perfect shave is the preparation. Don’t skimp on the pre-shave cream – your face and your lady (or lad) will thank you.