hairLet’s discuss another product left out of most men’s grooming rituals: The exfoliating scrub.

Heels. Knees. Elbows. Basically all joints can easily suffer from calluses, the hardening and toughening of dried unhealthy skin. This is a common skin problem that comes from repeated irritations and friction, and is often overlooked. Especially by men. We want our women soft, but do we care about what our feet look or feel like?

Well that’s just silly.

It’s time to scrub away that way of thinking, and chisel out the healthy skin we may very well just not know we have underneath. Scrubs are an effective way to exfoliate away the rough, dead skin that piles up on the surface, and reveal something smoother. This also actually allows for new skin cell generation and improved skin health. You’ll notice the benefits right away, but there are also long term benefits of scrubs in regards to the way the treated skin will age over time.

Coffee grounds, especially, are a great all natural exfoliant and have even shown to remove and hold back cellulite, making it a great option for the entire body. Plus it smells great too. And why should your mug have all the fun.

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