Electric Razor

The first electric razors were manufactured in the 1930s. The electric razor is a device that has revolving blades that essentially lift and cut hairs (read: yank and cut). They are touted for convenience and lower overall cost of ownership (no expensive refill cartridges). Most contemporary electric razors come with a rechargeable battery and are designed to shave in dry conditions. There are some more recent innovations that allow for a wet shave with an electric razor. These innovations beg the question, if you are going to the trouble having a wet shave, why not make it a classic time tested shave and do it right? Some claim that electric razors are good for sensitive skin. However, the electric razor does not come close to the kindness that proper shaving tools and high quality shaving products offer to sensitive skin.


The Pros

Good for men with a very curly beard.
Men with facial hair that is very curly may develop skin problems when the hairs are closely cut with a blade. For these men, a close shave with a blade may cause their hair to coil up beneath the skin and cause skin problems, acne or ingrown hairs. For these men and these men alone, the electric razor may deliver a better result. For everyone else, this is the lazy way out. Don’t. Just don’t.

The Cons

There so are many, where to begin?

Unpleasant Feeling.
Electric razors do not feel pleasant to the face. It takes a while to get used to it and learn to even do it properly. Many electric razor users complain that it feels like their hairs are getting yanked out of their face.

Irritation and skin problems.
Electric razors may cause loads of irritation because getting any sense of a close shave requires multiple passes over the skin. For many, even one pass is irritating to the skin. Multiple passes means irritation multiplied. Many users complain of rashes and, ironically, razor burn from using an electric razor.

Inability to match facial contours.
These razors do okay on smooth skin, but perform poorly on areas of the face with more contours or on skin that is rougher. The result is a spotty shave.


The least close shave.
One could get a closer shave with a pair of hedge clippers.

Bad for the skin.
The better way to phrase this is that virtually every other method of shaving is good for the skin because they offer at least some level of exfoliation. Exfoliation helps skin stay supple and remain youthful.

In short, if you have hair that can tolerate a blade, then a wet shave, with blade to skin is the only way to go.

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