In the 1950s men were men.

Our grandfathers fought in wars. When their cars broke down they didn’t call for help, they fixed them with their bare hands. They mowed their own lawns with not but the reward of a cold one. They worked more than they played. They took 3 minutes to shit, shower and shave. They were men.

We’ve been trained as American men to do the bare minimum when it comes to our morning routine. Soap on a rope, aerosol shave cream, and aftershave that stings…
That’s how you know it works.

Sure, historically, American men haven’t been known for pampering themselves. But these are also the men who didn’t see the doctor when their back started giving out, who rubbed glue into cuts and scrapes, who drank their livers into an early death.

When you jerry rig your health and ignore some grooming and cleaning basics you are not proving anything to anyone other than the fact that you don’t respect yourself.

These are new times. It’s more and more acceptable for men to use products that keep them younger and healthier looking, but there is still a great deal of stigma. There are a few products that many men still – for the reason of either being too embarrassed to ring it up at the counter, or just a lack of understanding of what it does – won’t use.

The time has come to break down these walls and save face. In more ways than one.

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