Do you shy away from lip balm? Many men do.

We have all probably been afflicted with chapped lips a few times in our life. Whether during a snowboarding trip to Utah or a weekend romp in Vegas, dry or cold conditions can wreak havoc on the skin. So that’s the big deal with lip balm? We think we know the issue for men here. Applying lip balm with a stick style applicator makes us look like we’re putting on lipstick. And, ahem, we’re not. Firstly, we should just get over this, but also applying a lip balm with our fingers from a small tin or jar (during a private restroom moment perhaps) is not so bad.

Chapped lips are uncomfortable to have and unattractive to look at. If its cold out, or you have a chronic issue with this… Just suck it up and fix it already. There are plenty of uncolored, unscented, and cooling options out there. Of course, we highly recommend this amazing lip

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