Applying too much beard oil won’t make the beard turn purple or seek out a new home in the untamed wild where it belongs, but it can impact your look and your health in the long run. Here are some tips to help you know when you’ve gone too far and why you should be judicious with beard oil in the first place


What Happens When I Apply Too Much Beard Oil?

The short answer is that, somewhere, a kitten dies. Just kidding. The real answer is that applying too much oil leaves you oily, if you can believe such a tautology. The idea with beard oil is to dab on enough to restore some of the natural oils your hair and face might be missing after you wash off greasy, bacteria-laden oils with a facial cleanse. These healthy oils keep your hair soft, your skin soft and prevent breakouts or itching.

When you go overboard, the oil no longer gets absorbed into hair and skin and instead starts sitting on the surface layer like a paper tray once filled with onion rings. This mess can get on your shirt, your hands, your neck and your phone—and it can even add to the problem of breakouts in certain cases.


Tips on How Much Beard Oil to Use… And When

– Always apply beard oil to a clean, dry, washed face — preferably one that just stepped out of the shower.

– Only apply as needed, which will change based on the humidity outside and other factors. Your needs will fluctuate, so stroke your beard thoughtfully as you gauge its moisture levels.

– Start small; use a little dime-sized dab, rub it in completely, and add more only if you think you need it.

– Use a comb or brush to work the oil into every hair. Do this before reapplying a large amount to see if you can spread the oil evenly first.

– Work the oil from the skin outwards to the tip of the whiskers. Try to go with the grain.

– If you get too much oil, blot it off with a hand towel or paper towel — because water won’t work!

– Don’t forget to use a beard wash daily to gently remove oily build-up without drying out your whiskers.


Master these tips and not only will your beard look and feel lush and healthy, that bottle of liquid gold that is beard oil will last longer too.

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