Shaving (and beard growing) is a sophisticated, yet sometimes hilarious art. The realities of shaving don’t always match what we aspire to in magazines. These tweets keep the art of shaving real and accessible. Check out these hilarious tweets about shaving:

1. This Natural Straight Razor Shave

straight razor shave humor

It’s hard to compete with the aesthetic stylings of a Canadian Wolverine. We certainly sympathize with his predicament but think he should pay more attention to his hairstyle.


 2. This  Admission

men shave legs humor

Manscaping is an art. To ensure a smooth shave, start with a pre-shave cream, which provides a rich base for shaving cream to lather. You’ll be the envy of men and women.

3. This Dangerous Pastime

dangerous past time humor

Yoga is meant to be a relaxing practice, but we imagine the addition of razor blades would make it difficult to focus. Props to those who accomplish this Herculean feat – Namaste.


4. This Eyebrow-Raising Shopping Trip

Would you call the police or offer to buy them better products because what they have clearly isn’t working?


5. This Multi-Purpose Tool

shaving humor

A space between the iPhone’s aluminum body and glass case plucks out the hairs on your face, creating a multi-purpose tool for lumberjacks and those with hipster beards. Who said Apple was becoming irrelevant? Just be careful not to get too much beard oil in the cracks, it will probably void the warranty.


6. This Promise

hairgate shaving humor

The iPhone “feature” became so popular it inspired the hashtags #beardgate and #hairgate. We’re all for a clean shave here at Ship to Shore but want people to embrace their personalities, too.

As these tweets prove, shaving is a delicate art that requires constant practice. Keep on refining your technique, no matter your motivations or which tools you use.

Happy Shaving!