A coiffed and groomed beard can make you look seasoned and strong. However, for some men, such enhanced aesthetics come with a price. Their beards itch, and they do not like it a one bit.

Why does this itching happen? And what can you do about it?


In-grown hairs, grit, debris, bacteria and microbes can all lead to sensitivities that provoke itching and scratching, as can underlying skin conditions.

Getting rid of your beard itch simply requires some daily maintenance and TLC. Here are some ways to ameliorate these effects.


First of all, clean your beard and face well and with the right stuff.

Oil produced by sebaceous glands, grit from the street, dead skin cells and loose hairs and bits of nastiness can collect in your beard. Yuck. Get rid of that stuff.

Use an appropriate beard wash once a day or so. Beard wash is not like shampoo or soap; it is specially formulated to cleanse and hydrate the delicate skin on the face and promote healthy hair growth. Look for small batch products that use mostly organic ingredients. They can help eliminate underlying irritation and make you smell really nice as a bonus.

Try beard oil for extra hydration. Conditioner alone might not be enough to soothe a screamingly itchy face. A regular regimen of beard oil can leave your face feeling smooth and supple without leaving residue.

Freshen the beard with beard tonic. A specially formulated tonic or toner can feel bracing and invigorating.

Use beard and moustache wax. Eliminate unsightly frizz, and refine your beard’s shape and look; by taming your beard with wax, you may also discover that any itchiness or irritation also dissipates.

Groom thyself. You might need to pluck ingrown hairs out with a tweezer, for instance, to eliminate primary sources of irritation.

Comb your beard. Brushing your beard might seem odd to the uninitiated. But if you brush or comb your beard once a day (twice max), not only does it feel good on your face, but it can also reprogram hairs so that they do not become in-grown.

One last thing: do not scratch or play with your beard if it itches. Be a man, and do not aggravate the problem or ignore the remedies for getting rid of your beard itch. Scratching your beard can irritate the skin and make your face look raw and inflamed. Instead, reach for the beard oil.

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