Another grooming product that still has some stigma with men is eye cream.

Look, we get it. It sounds like something you remember your Mom putting on before bed when you were a kid or something. But she had the right idea. Whether its from a late night of drinking, working or… um studying, yea, studying… we all show stress and toxins under our eyes. It’s hard to hide without makeup.

The face says a lot about our health actually. A study in the Journals of Gerontology showed that men with more wrinkles on their face were more likely to have high blood pressure and cardiac problems. And the wrinkles and bags under our eyes can be remedied with a good anti-inflammatory under-eye serum. Organic ingredients like aloe, tea leaves or good old vitamin C can even fill those wrinkle lines in with natural moisture, leaving a smoother appearance after only a few applications.

If only there was one product that had all 3 of those all natural ingredients… Well there is, of course. Check out our Imperial Eye Gel and kick those bags to the curb.

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