Even if you do not live in Fort Green, Brooklyn or Los Feliz, California, you have probably noticed that more and more of your friends and colleagues (people whose aesthetic judgments you respect) are trying out the bearded or mustachioed life.

Maybe you have already joined their ranks, or maybe you’re just considering the possibility of doing so. But in case you are still wondering whether facial hair has gone mainstream or not, consider the following celebrities who have recently gone over to the hirsute side, with some fascinating results: Chris Pratt; Jake Gyllenhaal; Kit Harrington; Ryan Gosling; Brad Pitt; Hugh Jackman, and David Beckham.

But WHY are “beards back”?

Did American men suddenly become infatuated with Robert Bly’s Iron John? Have we developed a nostalgia for the looks and fashions of the 1800s because of the surge in popularity of hand crafted, artisanal products?


Professor Rob Brooks, writing in a study published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters opined that the recent economic swings around the world may have something to do with the advent of the beard aesthetic: “Young men are competing to attract someone when work is not easy to come by. So we might expect some aspects [of masculinity] to get turned up to eleven.”

It is also possible that the aesthetic pendulum naturally swings back and forth over time. Five or ten years from now, maybe beards will no longer be (as) in style, and we will look back on today as a time of “peak beard.”

Theories abound, but if you have been swept up in the fervor, we invite you to explore our small batch, organic beard care products here at Ship to Shore.

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