Gaining popularity probably the fastest of any men’s grooming care product since the advent of Shaving Cream, Beard Oil still has a reputation as a curiosity, a borderline gag gift for your hairy friend. But the benefits are real and quite essential for maintaining a healthy looking beard.

A good beard oil is going to do 3 things in 3 drops:

The first of which is soften and tame the hairs on your face, which tend to grow out uneven, coarse, and often in different directions. After rubbing the oil in with your hands use a comb to spread the oil evenly, and push down any stray hairs that may be sticking out. The more consistently you use beard oil the sooner you, and your mate, will notice a softer ‘stache.

The next benefit from using beard oil is the added moisture for the skin. That long unseen mug resting under the reed ceiling of facial hair, although warm and mostly protected from the elements, will get dry and itchy. You may have noticed some “beard dandruff” flaking on your shirt from your occasional scratching. Gross. And real. The small amount of beard oil that makes contact with your face or even just gets to the bottom of the follicle is enough to keep the skin moisturized while not getting too oily or greasy. That’s why we recommend limiting application to about 3 drops, depending on the length and thickness of the beard. Don’t over do it.

The third benefit you get from beard oil is a nice and subtle scent. Just because you have a beard doesn’t mean you have to smell like the cheetos you had for lunch or that hoppy crafter beer you’re enjoying. There are many beard oils out there with strong scents ranging from camp fires to sandalwood, but don’t forget your beard is directly under your nose. Do you really want to be smelling colognes all day while you try to eat, or drink, or even just concentrate while at work? We recommend a subtly scented oil that will compliment the man while not overpowering your olfactory senses all day.

You can check out more products to tame your beard here.

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