You may have thought you left your pimply woes back at the senior prom, but think again. Acne can persist into your 20s, 30s, even into your 40s, according to Dr. Stefanie Williams, who calls it an “epidemic.” But you don’t have to cancel your next date when a pimple rears its ugly white head. Let’s see how the experts solve your acne problems for good.

Scrubs Aren’t Your Friend

Exfoliating seems like it would help renew skin and keep those pesky comedones from forming, right? Think again. According to Dr. Annie Chiu, “The problem [with scrubs] is that with over-zealous or too-often use, they can irritate and cause more inflammation. When you use it on active acne – it can sometimes cause discoloration or scarring, as you may traumatize already tender, inflamed acneic skin.”

There is a time and place for exfoliation, but if you have acne-prone skin, ask your doctor how often you should be using a scrub. They can also often prescribe a skin care regime for you.cleanse face

Adult Skin Requires Adult Treatment

Adult acne is different from the pepperoni pimples of high school. That means your go-to remedies of salicylic acid and harsh toners should stay in the past. For teenagers, it is often the result of oily overproduction, while with adults, especially in women, is often hormonal. This acne often benefits from a retinoid and androgen-blocking medications such as spironolactone. And keeping your skin moisturized is a must. Over-drying with harsh products will exacerbate your complex condition, the biology of which Dr. Arash Mostaghimi refers to as “peeling layers of an onion.”

“Every time we learn something new, there is always the suggestion that it is a little bit more complicated than we thought.”

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