Shampoo, rinse and repeat if desired. For most men, the entirety of their hair cleansing ritual consists of this one step. There is a second, equally important step in the process. An application of conditioner.. Here are some of the most worthwhile reasons you should be using a conditioner in addition to your shampoo.

Smoother Hair
The physical act of shampooing is pretty rough on your hair. That manual agitation, that feels oh so great in the shower or the shampoo bowl at the barbershop, actually lifts up the edges of the cuticle that covers and protects your individual hair strands. Imagine of shingles on the roof of your house. This roughening of the cuticle results in frizzy, dull hair. Conditioner seals down the cuticle until your next shampoo, keeping what’s inside safe.


Healthier Hair
Do you ever wonder why those commercials featuring women swinging their hair about are always going on about Pro-Vitamins? Panthenol, or Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E are the vitamins that promote healthy stands. The perfect time to infuse your hair with vitamins that strengthen and protect is when that cuticle is lifted. These are deposited and sealed inside when you use a conditioner. Viola! Healthier hair.

Stronger Hair
Vitamins are not all your hair needs. The conditioning process deposits proteins into the hair as well. Protein is not just for muscles.  Protein also makes hair stronger. Stronger hair equals less breakage. Keratin, Collagen, Amino Acids and wheat proteins are all ingredients encouraging stronger hair. Why spend your hard earned money keeping that undercut pompadour just right if you are going to practice habits that can cause hairs to break off. Condition every time to prevent breakage.

Moisturized Hair
Shampoo does remove product and debris that accumulates in your hair from day to day, but it also removes crucial oils that give hair luster. Conditioner replenishes the oils you want in your hair resulting in hair that looks lively, not dry. Look for a product that contains essential oils or other ingredients found in nature that penetrate the hair to moisturize.

Fuller Hair
Let’s face it, 8 out of 10 guys would like to have fuller hair. If that’s not an issue for you, then lucky you. For the rest of us, fuller hair would definitely be a bonus. Healthier, stronger hair that is full of body and plumped with hydration is going to look fuller.


Achieve Better Styling
Products can only get you so far. Your style is going to be limited by the foundation. That foundation is your hair. If you start with frizzy, limp hair that looks unhealthy, you probably won’t be satisfied with the end result. Dry hair is porous and will suck up product. This can result in using too much product or having the product feeling “gunky” in your hair. Hair that is healthy and has body will style much better and interact with product the way it is intended.

In short; Use conditioner each time you shampoo to reap the benefits of having luscious conditioned hair.

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