Ship to Shore was created to provide a complete solution to modern grooming, focusing on convenience, craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Our ultimate goal is to make you look good and feel good about looking good.


Put simply- we make small batch cosmetics with the best organic and natural ingredients- and we make them ethically in the U.S.A. We treat our employees like family- and they in turn take pride in our company and care for our customers. We are an independent business with a passion for making the best cosmetics and grooming goods on the planet. Let us take care of your face, body, hair, beard and shaving needs.


Our customers care about how their skin, beard, body or hair looks and feels. We make products that make people look and feel good. We care about aesthetics, but we also care about health and safety. That’s why we avoid harsh chemicals, additives, artificial colors, parabens and other nasties. We source fresh products and try to use the freshest ingredients closest to the earth. We figure if we make cosmetics suited to those individuals with the most stringent criteria, those with allergies, those obsessed with a youthful glow, those who avoid products containing animal ingredients or products tested on animals, then our average customer is going to be in heaven.

We also want to make life easy. If you are looking for organic and natural product, American made cosmetics, or paraben free products at the local big box store or even high end department stores, then you probably understand how hard it is to find high quality cosmetics. We want to make it as easy as possible to get the best cosmetics without even visiting your local store, so we deliver. It is easy to subscribe to any single product on whatever schedule you like, whether every month or every six months. Feel free to have shampoo delivered monthly, shaving cream delivered every three months and our moisturizer delivered once a year- we will make it work on your schedule. We also make it easy to modify your schedule or cancel subscriptions at any time.


We make products for men and women- this means that men are not an afterthought. While it is hard to find great cosmetics out there as a woman, as a man it is nigh impossible. The recent focus for men has been shaving, but men need more than a shave to look good and feel good. That’s why we make shampoo, conditioner, beard goods, body wash, and other products suitable for men. Besides, when it comes to shaving- the reality is that most shave clubs want to sell razors. Shaving cream, aftershave and other men’s grooming products aren’t a priority and for the most part these cosmetics are mass manufactured garbage. Treat yourself to natural and organic, hand stirred products and see the difference.

As for women, why should women be left out of experiencing a great shave. Our goal is to provide the best shave of your life-for everyone. We know how much people love a smooth shave free from cuts, razor burn and breakouts. Some of our shaving creams smell so good that you may want to eat it. We make grooming and cosmetics that are great for everyone. Men and women can benefit from our amazing array of skincare products to keep your skin clean, moisturized and treated to put their best face forward.

Finally, let’s talk about reading. Because we use fresh, organic and natural ingredients, you will also find our ingredient list much more readable and understandable than other cosmetic companies. We take pride in our ingredients and we take pride in how our products are made- we also are proud that you don’t have to be a chemist to understand what’s in our products.


Don't waste your money on mass manufactured garbage with industrial ingredients. It’s true that most recognized cosmetic, grooming and shaving companies out there are owned by massive multinational companies. Dig a bit, you will find it’s true that the magic word is “subsidiary.” For instance, the Art of Shaving is owned by Proctor and Gamble, Dollar Shave Club was recently purchased by Unilever. We are an independent free standing business. You won’t find passion, fresh ingredients, and artisanal technique on a massive factory’s manufacturing line.

Our products are crafted and packaged with the human hand, using time tested techniques. We use only the best ingredients, including natural and organic elements. We only use ingredients that are necessary and nothing more. This means we avoid fillers, harsh chemicals, artificial scents and ingredients whose names are unpronounceable and unreadable.

We do not test on animals. We use no parabens. We use no artificial coloring. Ship to Shore is proudly made in the U.S.A.