Growing out an awesome looking beard is supposed to help you look and feel like a man’s man, not like a blemished adolescent. So what is the deal with your face? Why are you bumping up or getting acne under your beard?

One explanation might be pseudofolliculitis barbae, which is caused by ingrown hair and which may present like pimples. A solution might be as simple as washing your face, applying beard oil to moisturize and hydrate, tweezing ingrown hairs and brushing your beard. The problem could also be follicular infections – technically known as folliculitis – caused by staph bacteria. This potentially can be treated with benzoyl peroxide wash. Fungal infections can also lead to inflammation and bumping up. Ship to Shore products, like beard oil, beard tonic and beard and moustache wax can sensitize skin, eliminate core sources of irritation and help you avoid or cure breakouts.

Another issue for some people is that, when hair bursts through the surface of the epidermis, it causes localized inflammation, which leads to bumping. To that end, when you trim, do not go clean. Leave some stubble. That way, the hairs won’t have to break through the epidermis and cause irritation. Laser hair removal can be used in extreme cases.

Alternatively, the acne may be completely unrelated to your beard or your care of the beard and may have to do with hormonal issues. Dietary factors, genetics, epigenetics, endocrine disrupting chemicals in your lunch box, and who knows what else might also contribute.

If Your Skin Continues to Break Out While Growing a Beard:

Beard-induced blemishes, inflammation and break-outs can wreak havoc in one’s life. Wanting clear and pain-free skin is nothing to be dismissed. If our basic grooming tips do not successfully solve your acne, consider talking to a dermatologist, as opposed to just consulting Dr. Google.

Do not give up on your skin! Our Ship to Shore beard care products can also play a role in avoiding/fixing breakouts:

  • Our beard wash can eliminate dirt and debris that cause bumping and pimpling.
  • Our beard oil creates supple skin without leaving a residue that can clog pores.
  • Our beard tonic’s astringent effects can further cleanse pores, prevent clogging and maximize hydration.

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