6 Hilarious Tweets about Shaving

Shaving (and beard growing) is a sophisticated, yet sometimes hilarious art. The realities of shaving don’t always match what we aspire to in magazines. These tweets keep the art of shaving real and accessible. Check out these hilarious tweets about shaving: 1. This Natural Straight Razor Shave It’s hard to compete with the aesthetic stylings […]

Guide to Shaving

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO A GREAT SHAVE Wet shaving provides a closer shave with less irritation to your skin than dry shaving. For the optimal wet shave, follow these steps and transform your shave from a daily chore into the ultimate grooming experience. 1. WASH WITH FACIAL CLEANSER The wet shaving process begins by weakening […]

Why Even Shave?

WHY DOES SHAVING EVEN MATTER? WHO CARES? It would be cool to take a time machine back to the turn of the 20th century, before mass manufacturing came to define our culture, and see what people back then would say about our modern obsession with savoring quotidian acts, like shaving and beard grooming. Back then, […]

The Small Batch Difference

THE SMALL BATCH DIFFERENCE WHEN IT COMES TO SHAVING PRODUCTS: HYPE OR REALITY The ubiquitous love for all things “farm to table” and “local and sustainable” may sometimes seem over the top. But our collective passion for growing things like organic rooftop kale is obviously a positive development for society. We did not evolve to […]