Sore Muscle Liniment


Relieve muscle aches and pains the way nature intended. Sore Muscle Liniment’s herbal ingredients quickly get you feeling refreshed and renewed.

This organic muscle rub contains soothing and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts that help fight pain, relax muscles and ease away the rigors of the day.

Work a generous amount into sore muscles. Menthol cools while capsicum and camphor oil heat. The cold-heat effect is enhanced with black pepper oils and cinnamon oils. An amazing blend of plant extracts—including peppermint, rosemary, juniper berry and spearmint essential oils—further soothe and relax distressed muscles and relieve soreness.

Treat your body to the natural Sore Muscle Liniment that will get the job done. Effective for general muscle soreness and discomfort, and perfect for after sports and workouts.