Dovo Classic Straight Razor

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Any man who has experienced the old-school barber’s shave treatment—straight razor shave and a hot towel to boot—knows what a quality shave is. And shaving with the Dovo Classic Straight Razor is the next best thing.

Made in Solingen, Germany, the 5/8” half hollow ground blade is precision-made of carbon steel. This superior razor offers excellent control of the blade and angle with the right amount of flex. Each stroke offers a smoother, closer shave—even tough, stubborn beards respond extremely well. You’ll also enjoy the superb health benefits of proper wet shaving—without scrapes and razor burn, and putting an end to ingrown hairs.

This straight razor leaves a very small footprint on our environment. Yes, straight razors require a bit more technique, but when done right the result is a remarkably close and smooth shave. Grandpa knew what he was doing.

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