Quarterly Shave Set

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Scheduled to meet your lifestyle.

Ship to Shore has combined natural and organic ingredients with artisan craftsmanship to get the best shaving results, helping against irritation, razor burn, nicks and cuts. Never run out of the perfect amount of shaving and skin care products. Every three months, we send you a hand stirred, hand packaged Ship to Shore Shave Set, to keep your supply fully stocked.

Each set includes:

Liberty Facial Cleanser (4 oz.)

Liberty Facial Cleanser by Ship to Shore is the best way to cleanse away impurities while conditioning and moisturizing your face. Perfect for all skin types, this gentle face gel cleanser deep-cleans, revitalizes and softens your skin. The gel is enriched with brightening apple, toning mandarin and sweet orange peels, moisturizing Shea butter, plus calming aloe, lavender flowers and oat.

Coconut oil cleansers lift dirt away without stripping skin of essential moisture. Put an end to harsh alkaline soaps that strip your skin of its natural, healthy oils. Liberty Facial Cleanser is a refreshing blend of nature’s best-derived ingredients. Your skin is left nourished, fresh and ready for toning and moisturizing.

Admiral's Pre-Shave (.25 oz.)

The key to a close, comfortable shave is to naturally condition your whiskers just before shaving. Treat your face to essential lubrication and nutrients that will reduce razor burn and irritation, and prepare a rich, silky base for your shave cream.

Using an artisan formula of sweet almond, sunflower and vitamin E, this oil goes on great to ensure the smoothest possible razor glide avoiding nicks and cuts. Made with natural and certified organic ingredients.

Cape Horn Shave Cream (4 oz.)

Even when the toughest of stubble is an everyday fact of life, each luxurious lather softens and smoothes to give you an effortless glide. It’s smooth sailing after a great, close shave. Your skin is soothed by pure sandalwood, comfrey, calendula and aloe, and conditioned by oat betaglucan and gotu kola.

Anti-oxidants green tea and vitamin E tone your skin to heal the damage of summer sun or ocean winds. Even the toughest old salt likes to feel good about looking nice.

Fairwater Aftershave Toner (1 oz.)

Refresh and revitalize your face’s natural moisture level with Ship to Shore replenishing toner.
After a shave, or whenever you need a quick refreshing pick-me-up, protect your skin with a soothing treatment. Use it daily to invigorate and energize your skin.

This nourishing oil-free formula works to revitalize and promote softness and elasticity. A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E moisturizes, nourishes and helps to condition the skin of the everyday adventurer – from protecting skin cells from sun and wind damage to fighting the signs of aging.

Also receive FREE

Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

Safety razors give the best shave money can buy. Enjoy these high quality razors, compliments of Ship to Shore. Even if you don’t already own a safety razor, we want to encourage you to start shaving the right way. So we include these Shark Blades with every set.

Everything in your Ship to Shore Shave Set is hand stirred, hand packaged and assembled just for you. We will send you a full shaving set refill every quarter so that you never have to worry about shopping for new shaving supplies and to ensure that you are always looking good.

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