East Cape Shave Soap


3.8 oz. round bar.

For today’s well-groomed man who prefers a classic, old-fashioned shave, there is no substitute for lathering up with luxurious East Cape Shave Soap from Ship to Shore. The fine art of traditional wet shaving with mug and brush is the gentleman’s key to better, more consistent shaves.

This 100% vegetable based glycerin, moisturizing shaving soap creates a velvety lather to soften the beard for the ultimate, close shave. Each round bar is made with Shea butter to comfort your face while replenishing your skin. Well-known for its dermatological healing properties, all-natural Shea butter moisturizes, conditions and nourishes the skin. It is also an amazing and softening shaving soap for women who shave in the shower. Lightly fragranced with calming Lavender.

Enjoy a rich lather that stays fluffy and thick on your face, as it protects and moisturizes the most sensitive skin or the toughest beard. For a fine, classic shave, take the helm with East Cape Shave Soap. Sometimes the old ways, are the best ways.