Progress Vulfix Super Badger Shave Brush

$60.00 $60.00

Progress Vulfix LTD has been making premium, handmade shaving brushes for over 60 years. These exceptional shave brushes are hand crafted using 100% Pure Badger Bristles. The cream resin handles are hand turned on lathes into the classic, time-honored shape. The Super Badger Shave Brush contains a higher quality grade of badger hair and is hand filled.

Vulfix badger shave brushes are the No. 1 choice of traditional wet shavers who like a stiffer feel to their brush. Designed to hold water within the bristles, the brush lathers quickly and thoroughly, giving good lift on your whiskers and exfoliating your skin – all to enhance your skin’s health and reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Your face and beard will be lavishly prepped to accept the blade for a smooth, amazing shave.

A product of the British Isles for generations, Progress Vulfix shave brushes are made to last, promising many years of comfortable shaves.

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