Bath & Beauty Essentials Set

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The Bath & Beauty Essentials Set includes:

Flying Fox Energizing Coffee Hair & Body Wash (8 oz.)
A good cup of coffee has many virtues. Besides recharging our inner selves, it is good for our outsides too. When used on skin and hair, roasted coffee works as a natural antioxidant and provides an invigorating, pH balanced wash.

Enriched with wholesome ingredients, Coffee Hair & Body Wash produces a rich, brown-tinted foaming cleanser that revitalizes and works to minimize the harmful effects of oxidation.

Phantom Grapefruit Body Lotion (8 oz.)
Experience soft supple skin with our super moisturizing, never greasy, Grapefruit Body Lotion. Filled with natural emollients, this body lotion is light enough for every day, yet soothes and softens even the driest of skin. Pure, organic aloe vera, long known to heal and soothe skin, provides the base for this super emollient moisturizer rich in avocado, sweet almond and safflower oils, plus anti-oxidant vitamin E. Effective therapy for dry and chapped skin.
Lightly scented with a mix of grapefruit, green tea, bergamot and botanicals, this lotion will cheer your mood as well as your skin!
Ponce De Leon AHA Ground Walnut Scrub (4 oz.)
Exfoliate your body to uncover a healthy, vibrant glow with our hand-stirred, small batch Walnut Body Scrub. Finely ground walnut shell, botanical extracts and natural alpha hydroxy acid are custom blended to help improve your skin tone and texture.

This gentle scrub is pH balanced for your skin. Walnut has wonderful antioxidant properties and is rich in B vitamins. AHA loosens and removes dead skin cells, while jojoba, peppermint and other essential oils serve as emollients to soothe, soften and tone the skin.

Ponce De Leon Shea Butter Hand & Foot Salve (1 oz.)
Working hands and tired feet need TLC, and Shea Butter Hand & Foot Salve has what it takes. This thick salve is filled with natural plant oils, wax and extracts designed to nourish and heal dry, cracked hands and feet.
Use any time of the day to exfoliate and hydrate tough, rough skin.
Flying Fox Italian Blood Orange Soap (4.25 oz)
100% vegetable base soap. This beautiful translucent red/orange bar uplifts and stimulates your senses with its fruity and tangy citrus scent. Contains a high percentage of moisturizing glycerin to cleanse without drying or irritating.


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